Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mystery Photo: Watermelon Eating Contest?

Here are two photographs dated August 29th, 1959 and both showing the same five kids. Three of them at least seem to have small white tags attached to their clothes! We are just guessing here, but it looks like they are devouring slices of watermelon. Is it a contest? Are they at some kind of Labor Day weekend festival? It certainly looks like they are in a park – maybe Reynolds Field? Do you recognize anyone? Let us know! And of course we want to know who won the contest.

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  1. That really doesn't look like Reynolds Field. I can't think of another field that large in Hastings in 1959.

    Bill Ewen

  2. Well, at least we have a location! Through John Kennedy, Bob Marsic of Florida has told us "The photo was taken at Uniontown field during the hot summer. I recognize the swings, see-saw, rear field leading into the woods & the houses at the end of Rose Street in OnionTown." (That would be Uniontown for those of us who are not natives like Bob.)

  3. Our President, Janet Murphy, adds: "I remember wearing tags like the kids are wearing when the Recreation Dept. had Field Days each summer -- the tags had treats (soda, hot dog, etc.) & the staff would punch them out when you got yours."

  4. Stan Madyda has suggested that these might be kids from the Fulton Street area, possibly David Tauber on the far left, Paul Wittman next to him, Paul's brother Don next to him, and Cindy Chambers on the far right. What do you think?