Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mystery Photo: Sewing Circle at 9 Euclid Avenue

Here is another mystery for you! A group of unidentified ladies are seated around the dining room table at 9 Euclid Avenue, the home of Elizabeth and Harry B. Harvey. Elizabeth is standing in the back, holding a doll that seems to be the model the other ladies are working from. This image is from a color slide taken by Harry in March of 1962. Do you recognize any of the other ladies? Is this an established organization? What is this project they are working on, and what is it for?

The interior of 9 Euclid Avenue in 1957, from two more of Harry Harvey's slides. In the bedroom photograph, a picture of Harry Harvey himself hangs above the bed on the left. Harry was village historian before the Historical Society was formed, and from him we have inherited an invaluable collection of notes on village history.

Our slide collection contains almost five times as many color images from the 1950s as our photograph collection. But the color cannot always be relied upon. Compare the color of the walls in this photograph of the dining room with the photograph of the sewing circle. The black flecks on the images are from the dust that has accumulated on the slides over the past 40 years.
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