Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mystery Photo: Hastings Class of 1963

Editor’s Note: We’ve been having a great time writing about some of the odd corners of Hastings history and the interesting things we have in our collection. We can’t quite manage three posts a week right now, so we’re going to be reducing the number to two and moving the mystery post to Thursday. But we’ve got many more fascinating tidbits to share with you, so stay tuned!

OK, Class of ’63. Now that we know you are out there, we’ve got more work for you. Here is a picture that Martin Merchant took at one of your reunions. Click on the image to see an enlargement in Flickr. The back of the photograph says 1979. But no one is identified! Who are all these smiling faces? And you’ve got some teachers in there, too. Is that Mildred Davey?

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  1. Well, not much luck so far except with the teachers. Bob Russell, John Kennedy, and Janet D'Alio have identified Eva Sureau and Mildred Davey (seated second and third from the left), Ron Feaster (standing on right in white sport coat and black shirt), and Raymond Smith (sitting on the floor in the front). Thanks for the e-mails, guys!

  2. Carol Russo say that the man sitting on the floor in front of Miss Davey is teacher Ray Smith, and Rich Stefanic is standing in the center in the sunglasses and white tie. Thanks, Carol!

  3. Susan Laird Magner of the class of '64 has a few extra identifications for us! "Sixth in from right, with parted bangs and white suit I think is Diane Adams, next to Diane, on her left, is Anna Leal. (If memory serves me she had a beautiful singing voice). Next to Miss Davies is Jane Cragan, and two down from Jane is Barbara Fiscaril." Thanks so much, Susan!

  4. One of our Flickr buddies tells us that the man on the far left with the white hair might be social studies teacher Thomas Hogan.