Monday, April 13, 2009

Opening April 26th “1909: Hastings-on-Hudson in the Year of the Hudson-Fulton Celebration”

2009 is a year of anniversaries, and we want to celebrate every one of them. It is the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s use of a telescope to study the stars, and in honor of this event we are putting the finishing touches on a display entitled “Milestones in Astronomy: The Drapers of Hastings-on-Hudson.” 2009 is also the 100th anniversary of both the Literature Club and the Riverview Manor Hose Company, and we will have presentations on those as well. But more on those another time.

Our main exhibition will be on the subject of our April 6th post: the 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Our new trustee, museum professional Kenneth Loyal Smith, has been working hard on the show and has this to say about the installation:

You will find yourself surrounded by a wall of river blue with waves cresting to the right on the top and to the left on the bottom. The waves represent the Hudson River flowing out to sea down the river and up the river with the incoming tides.

On the blue panels are drawings of both the “Half Moon” and “Clermont” surrounded by enlargements of souvenir postcards from the Society's collection. Display cases contain souvenirs, a plate depicting the “Half Moon,” programs, two wonderful little tin miniatures of the “Clermont” and a pin lent by Tony Peluso, a reverse painting of the “Clermont” lent by Bob and Mary Russell, and two stereoscope views, one of the “Clermont” reproduction boat and the other of the “Half Moon” reproduction.

Along the wall are photographs taken in Hastings-on-Hudson during the celebration. The table in the center of the room is loaded with interesting reading material. Two thick volumes report the celebration and contain many illustrations and photographs. There are copies of souvenir programs, and pages from the Tower Ridge Yacht Club journal signed by the captains of the “Half Moon” and “Clermont.” Next to the table is a large display case chock full of medallions, pins and other souvenir items from the celebration.

This is one exhibit not to miss. You are sure to enjoy your visit!
Kenneth Loyal Smith

Kenneth with the pint-sized Indian costume worn by Harriet Kneen Mills during the celebration, donated by Harriet in 1991. On the wall to the right is a 1909 photograph of Harriet wearing the costume.

Join us for the
Sunday, April 26th, 2009
2-4 PM
Hastings Historical Society
407 Broadway, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706

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