Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mystery Photo: Judging Preserves at the Country Fair

For the citizens of Hastings-on-Hudson, the highlight of the year 1979 was the festival celebrating the 100th anniversary of the incorporation of the village. (For more on the 1879 incorporation of the village, see posts from March 12th and March 16th.) Hastings Centennial events ran all year long, but this photograph was taken on September 15th, during the Country Fair at Zinsser Park, sponsored by the Parks & Recreation Department and the Hastings Nature Council. The entire day was full of activities, from a sheep shearing demonstration and a corn husking contest to a cake auction. (The Historical Society was there, of course, with its own display.)

The “Judging of Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Preserves, Senior Crafts, Flowers, Plants & Vegetables” was the first event of this busy day. The photograph of the judges examining the preserves was taken by Martin Merchant, who also ran the photography booth at the fair. It might have been intended for the Enterprise, but it was never used. Do you recognize anyone?

And how about these three girls standing near the sheep pen? Do you know their names? Let us know!
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  1. In the top photograph, the woman second from the left is Mary Callas (former Village Clerk), & the woman on the far right is Blanche Marchetti, who owned Food for Thought.

  2. In the top photograph,the third woman from left in white blouse is Polly Carpenter. The fourth woman from left is Carolyn Armour.

    Cynthia Alligood

  3. Thanks Janet & Cynthia!

    And Bob Russell was wondering if the blonde woman on the far left could possibly be Sandy Shortt.

  4. Carol Russo says that the woman on the left in the foreground is Marge Schutz. Thanks, Carol!