Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mystery Photo: An Irish Field Day in 1949

The picture you see below is 8 inches high and 29 inches long. It was taken in Draper Park on June 24th of 1949 and shows the Hastings Irish American Club's second annual Field Day in Draper Park. Click on either the top or the bottom photograph to look at it more closely in Flickr. Choose the "All Sizes" link above the photograph and then select "Original Size" so you can see the faces. At the moment we have not a single identification for all the friends and relatives of Ireland shown in this photograph. If you recognize anyone, let us know!

And PS -- don't miss the collection of St. Patrick's Day postcards in the New York Public Library's Digital Gallery!

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  1. Hi Fatima, I can tell you who a few of these people look like but can't swear that the IDs are correct. Maybe someone else can confirm them. Standing third from left looks like Mr. Coogan, the elementary school truant officer. I don't remember his first name. He had lost an arm, I believe in WWI. The first boy sitting to the right of the girls in uniform I think is Bobby Jufer of the hardware store family. Behind and to the right of him, kneeling in the polka dot dress looks like Nancy Osborne and to the left of her, Maureen Ryan or one of her sisters. To the right of the photo in front of the girl in the striped dress sitting with his arm across his legs might be Jimmy Brogan. I'll be interested if anyone can confirm or refute these. Bill Ewen

  2. Marti Murphy has written to us from Colorado to tell us that her relatives are well represented here. "Lee Dunn Graham, wearing a dark dress, stands just right of center behind the girls wearing uniforms. To Lee's left is her sister Eileen Dunn Audevard, also wearing a dark dress and holding Richard Audevard. Between Lee and Eileen stand their brothers Dick Dunn and behind him to his left is Frank Dunn. To Frank's left I think is Red Angelovich. In front of Eileen, below her hand, is young Bobby Audevard. To Bobby's left is curly haired Judy Graham. To Judy's left is Dickie Graham wearing a striped T-shirt and to his left is Georgie Graham. In front of Dickie and Georgie may be Cookie Audevard in a two toned dress wearing her hair in braids. Hidden behind Eileen's handbag may be her niece, Joanne Murphy. In the small detail photo [Ed: just above the photograph's title] it looks like John Condon standing about third from the left wearing a white T-shirt and could that be Anne Schnibbe, the third girl on the right wearing the white uniform? I think that covers about everyone I recognize. Thought I'd know more. Then again this was six years before I was born. Good luck
    with the rest." Thanks, Marti -- we're off to a good start!

  3. Bill Ewen has passed along another identification from Joan Farrell Moon.

    "I think I recognize one person there: she is wearing dark sunglasses and is standing between a woman in a dark blouse with white piping and an older woman wearing a hat and flowered dress. She is holding an empty mug and stands right in line with the lettering on the picture; in line with the word "day". I believe that is Pat Lyons who was in my class and lived on Villard Ave. at the top of the hill. She married a Hastings policeman."

    Thanks, Bill & Joan!