Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Anaconda Video Removed

We are sorry to relate that ARCO has asked James Dean to remove his YouTube video of the building demolition referred to in the last post. If we can get permission to show it on the internet, we will include it in a future post. Meanwhile, for those of you who did not see the video before it was withdrawn, here is the Before and After, as recorded by the camera of member Paul Duddy. After half of the siding panels were removed, two cranes pushing on the east side of the building brought the entire struture to the ground. Thanks for the photos, Paul!

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1 comment:

  1. I was eleven when this building was going up. How well I remember the relentless pounding of the steam driven pile drivers setting columns into the silty shore in order to accommodate the caissons, grade beams and top surface for the aluminum clad monolith that they created, having nothing in common with the architecture of the earlier brick structures. This method was used to build the east end trestles and tower of the Tappan Zee Bridge which floats in mud. As for the removal, all I can say is adios.

    Bob Russell