Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mystery Photo: High School Play

The Historical Society’s collection contains almost 150 photographs of theatrical productions. There are Christmas pageants and benefits for the fire companies, the Tower Ridge Yacht Club, and the V.F.W. There are even more photographs of school productions. And it wasn’t just the Drama Club who took to the stage. The History Club, the French Club, and the senior class all had their own productions. Unidentified shows can often be traced by scanning the old yearbooks for similar photographs.

Occasionally, there are photographs like these four that don’t appear in any yearbook. They seem to all be of the same production. They are undated, but resemble photographs that were taken in the 1940s. Do you recognize the production? What do you remember about it? Do you recognize any of the players? That would date the photographs and help us to find someone who remembers the play. To see an enlarged version of the photograph, click on it and then click on the "All Sizes" link right above it.

If you don’t know, but are curious about the answers, come back to the blog and check this post. We’ll attach comments with any information we receive.

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1 comment:

  1. Bryan Healy & the Hastings Senior Canteen strike gold again. They have identified this series of photographs as "Spring Dance," the 1938 senior class play. The players are, left to right, sitting: Jeanne Palmer, Elva Madden (later Taylor), Charles Collins (sitting on arm of couch), Marion Peck, Vladimir Lutziw (sitting on the arm of the chiar), Florence Baranoski, and unidentified (seated on other arm of chair); standing: Walter Bennet, Nancy Morse, Theresa Marcella, David Sargent, unidentified, and Joy Louise Hitrig. Thanks, Bryan!