Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mystery Photo: Girl Scouts in a parade

Here is our first mystery photograph! What we know is that it shows a Memorial Day parade, and that the girls and their scout leader are standing on Warburton Avenue near the corner of Spring Street. The photograph was taken looking east across Warburton Avenue. In the background you can see Memorial Park (the park in front of the V.F.W. building) on the left and the side wall of Hastings Hardware on right.

The photograph originally came from a Bicentennial scrapbook, so we are guessing that this parade took place in 1976.

To get a good look at all the faces (you can even see the faces of people in the background!), click on the photograph and look at it in Flickr. To get an even bigger version, once you are in Flickr, click on the words “All Sizes” right above the image.

Do you recognize anyone? Anyone at all? Leave us comments on this post, or on the photograph, or e-mail us here at the cottage at hhscottage[at]hastingshistorical[dot]org.

Thanks in advance for your help, and please share this photograph with anyone you think might know more!
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1 comment:

  1. Finally! A couple of weeks ago one of our Flickr buddies sent us a little information on this photo: "The girl holding the Girl Scout flag is probably Susan Pickett. The woman with the brown hair standing below the man in the sweater vest is Mrs. Wemer, who worked at the school. The girl with long hair in the background just to the left of the American flag (second person to the right from the man with the dotted tie) is Gina Marciona. The bubble-gum chewer looks like Gretchen Gooden."